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Posting Comments, Questions or New discussion Threads

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How to Post
Before posting a new thread, please read the Frequently Asked Question thread (FAQ), you may find others have already asked and found the answer to your question. Help us keep the FAQ thread up-to-date by adding important information or by pointing out incorrect information to a moderator. 
When starting a new thread please make the subject line a short description of your post. This will make it easier for others to quickly scan the posts and find the appropriate thread.
What to Post
Please keep your posts relevant to the topic of the forum you are posting in and remember that commercial advertising of any kind is a breach of our Website Terms.
Contact us for your comments about a trip with Easy Tours. Although we love to receive comments and feedback from guests, please do not post these in the E-Village Forums. You can send your reviews, suggestions and feedback about your last trip with Easy Tours from  Contact us form or post them on Trip Advisor.
We will make sure that your comments reach the appropriate party for review. You can also forward your feedback directly to any of Easy Tours' Travel Specialists.
Thanks so much for being a part of our community and enjoy your time in the E-Village.